Welcome to Art Ii Biennial

Art Ii Biennial addresses current themes, participates in the public discussion through the methods of art and boldly combines the rich cultural heritage of Ii with contemporary art.

The Biennial has presented tens of international artists since 2008 in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The site-specific art works are mostly located around the village centre of Ii and the environmental art park at the banks of the river Iijoki. Temporal, local and cultural conditions affect the production of these art works. Historically the municipality has been a centre of agriculture and fishing, and now it is known for its ambitious climate actions.

A crucial part of the event is to facilitate interactions between the local community and international art professionals through communal activities. With a focus on local history and participatory processes, the 2020 biennial addresses current themes of today such as climate change, ecology, zero waste and carbon neutral production. The main value of the event is ecological, economical, social and cultural sustainability.

Art Ii Biennial 2020 is over, but most of the artworks will be open to public also after the biennial week! Learn more about the works here!

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Art Ii Biennial has presented tens of international artists since 2008.