Phase along

Artist duo ALINA SAKKO / ELISA SAKKO has worked together since 2021 with contemporary dance and installation. Their latest work made of soft, muscular material was premiered in London 2023.
Alina Sakko is a dance artist interested in researching accessibility of contemporary dance on experiential and conceptual levels.
‘Through choreography I wish to explore and share the bodily experience of ‘fully something now?’. To create a dance between concrete and abstract, I play with recognisable imagery and elements of spectacle and popular culture. These familiar components are used as a pathway for the audience to get on a journey with the performer in order to then share more abstract movement and experiences with them. I’m interested in kinesthetic empathy as a tool for dialogue’.
Elisa Sakko is a visual artist working mainly with sculpture and installation. In their works, Sakko examines communication, experiences of connection and detachment and the movement between different materialities. Their approach is based on using pieces of old works as well as other found and received materials, which they then take apart, put together and rearrange. Sakko’s work is, in particular, guided by an interest in the active agency of materials.
ALINA SAKKO / ELISA SAKKO ‘ s work at Art Ii Biennial 2024 will be an attempt to look closely and to understand phases of fire through materiality of a human. Via movement of contained ash alongside a dancing body, their collaboration will research the uncontrollable nature of fire and human’s attempt to control it.

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