Andrea Palasti & Daniel Popovic

ANDREA PALÁŠTI (b. 1984, Novi Sad) is a a misleading tourist guide, a more-than-human fitness trainer, a dilettante freshwater ecologist, an ignorant art(ist) teacher, an unlicensed press photographer, a quasi primatologist, a noted expert on Dalmatian pyrethrum, a passionate archive researcher and a perfect dinner-party hostess. She works across artistic, curatorial and pedagogical boundaries, while testing different positions to create spaces of learning. These practices are based on concrete case studies and are research-driven, investigating within: the RIBA and ZSL in London; Bundesarchiv in Berlin and Koblenz; USHMM in Washington, DC; The Natural History Museum in Vienna; the Schönbrunn Zoo; Kincho Research and Development Laboratory in Osaka; Kyoto University Museum’s Herbarium and others. Since 2014, she has been researching collaboratively and interdependently with her partner DANIEL POPOVIC (b. 1978, Toronto) developing photo-exhibitions, illustrated lectures and participatory workshops.

Their artwork in Art Ii Biennial consists of 20 red-listed fire-dependent beetle species drawings and a performance that combines art and fitness.