Christelle Mas (FRA/FIN): X-rays (H2O)

Christelle Mas: X-rays (H2O). 2018. Photo: Jaani Föhr.

Christelle Mas is a French visual artist living in Oulu, Finland. She works with photography, drawings and installations. Her artwork often originates in popular science and the study of medical and mechanical imagery. While the starting point therefore lies in science, during the process fictitious truths become a reflection of the artist’s own inner world.

In X-rays (H20), Christelle Mas produced several photomontages exhibited on trees in the small park next to Ii church. In radiography transparent, resistive and shiny paper is used, but it deteriorates with time and soon fades, because it is only a digital trace. When exposed to the sun, it changes its colours, accelerating the visual evolution of the installation. Water, like radiographs, is an ephemeral material. They are both fragile and strong but fleeting with time. They are destined to disappear.

X-rays (H20) presented fragile images that leave traces for the viewer to find. The artwork used experimental materials to show the relationship between the human body and water. Human perception was questioned by a concept where art meets science. The elements of the physical body were captured in disappearing pictures placed in the landscape, leading to thoughts of mortality and decay.