Christelle Mas (FRA/FIN): X-rays (H2O)

The human body consists largely of water. If we look at the body in medical images, we cannot see water: our bodies appear to be made up of an entirely invisible internal world.  X-rays  consists of several photomontages of x-ray pictures that will be attached to the trees in the small park next to Ii church. Radiography in contact with the sun changes its colours and this will accelerate the visual evolution of the installation. Radiography is carried out on transparent, resistive and shiny paper, but it deteriorates with time and soon disappears, because it is but a digital footprint. Water, like radiographs, is an ephemeral material. They are both fragile and strong, but fleeting with time. They are destined to disappear.

Christelle Mas is a French visual artist who was born near Paris (Melun). She has worked in Paris, Helsinki and now lives in Oulu in Finland. She works with photography, drawings and also does installations. Her artwork often originates from popular science and the study of medical and mechanical imagery. Her starting point therefore lies in science, but during the process fictitious truths become a reflection of her own inner world. Christelle Mas´ works have been shown in Finnish and international group and solo exhibitions.  Her works are in private collections and in the public collections of the Art Museums of Oulu and Kemi in Finland.