Drop of the Troposphere

Installation, on display by KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre 16th June to 19th June.
Mollu Heino and Emil Fihlman (photo Jaani Föhr)

The FHHH collective’s artwork Drop of the Troposphere combines science and art, making climate research visible. The artwork is a large inflatable sculpture: a drop placed high in the air above the trees. The droplet carries a sensor what measures the temperature, wind and humidity. The data collected by the sensor is sent to the internet and will be visible online throughout the biennial.

’’Changing colors, transforming clouds and dancing snowflakes and other phenomenons of the atmosphere have always inspired artists as well as scientists. Challenges for artists have been how to express the variety and motion of the air, scientists have been struggling to find explanations for the behaviour of the atmosphere in terms of physical laws.’’

FHHH is a collective of four people. Participating members are: the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s research professor Jari Haapala, information technology student Emil Fihlman and visual artists Mollu Heino and Tapio Haapala.

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