Gabi Schaffner & Tina‐Marie Friedrich (GER)

Datscha Radio Ii: Air-on-Air

Live streamed radio broadcasts 15th to 19th June. Community-based narrow cast –event in Lähde-park Sat 18th June.
Gabi Schaffner & Tina‐Marie Friedrich (photo Jaani Föhr)

Datscha Radio Ii: Air on Air hosted by Gabi Schaffner and Tina-Marie Friedrich was broadcasted live around the world from Lähde-park. The program included interviews with the curators, artists and municipal representatives as well as local inhabitants. The program also included curated sound art and musical performances.

Datscha Radio is a nomadic transmission project founded in 2012 that seeks to suspend conventional formats of time and space. Datscha Radio Ii in Art Ii Biennial is realised by Germans Gabi Schaffner and Tina-Marie Friedrich. The broadcast will be heard on the Internet around the world.

‘’Listening to air can teach us a lot of information. When no ‘spoken’ or musical content is transmitted, our ears and minds become activated in a different way. Air makes us ask questions. It challenges our imagination.’’

Gabi Schaffner works as a trans-disciplinary artist within the realms of radio art, musique concrète and performance. Her artistic practice is determined by the methods of poetic ethnography. Tina-Marie Friedrich is a visual artist who has worked as a curator and teacher of painting, among other things. She performs several assisting duties on Datscha Radio.

Datscha Radio Ii: Air-on-air is supported by the Goethe-Institute in Germany.

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