Inari Virmakoski (FIN)

Air Nets

Environmental installation and performance, Jakkukylä suspension bridge; 15th June - 2nd July.
Inari Virmakoski


Air Nets is a performative installation created to gently arouse people to see the air around us. Inari Virmakoski wants to get people interested in climate change through art. In center of the installation are the air nets whose movement depends on the variability of wind and air. The artwork has been shown around the world since the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

Inari Virmakoski is a Finnish artist who cares a lot about nature and human rights. She found the perfect way for her artistic expression through visual art and performance art. Virmakoski has worked around the world at international performance events and festivals. Her life and work in Africa for eight years has greatly influenced her art, and has been a source of inspiration to process the social and political dimensions of human life.

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