Iuliia Rokina & Vera Golubeva (RUS): Drop of Water

Iuliia Rokina & Vera Golubeva: Drop of Water. 2018. Ii municipality hall. Photo: Jaani Föhr.

Iuliia Rokina is a contemporary artist who works mainly with glass. Her preferred process is bending glass material into multiple layers to achieve a depth of colour and balance between shape and content. The artist explores the human relationship with nature, the megalopolis, society and the environment. In the practice of Vera Golubeva, classical glass-working techniques are combined with modern sculpture and graphic art. The main focus of her research is the potential for expression and forms of art in different social, spatial and environmental contexts.

Drop of Water examines the aesthetics of water as a natural element using contrasting materials: strong steel and fragile glass. It consists of over 120 light reflective glass elements making the sculptural installation dynamic and static at the same time. The work is directly influenced by the natural surroundings and the way that light constantly changes its appearance throughout the whole year. The image of the Iijoki river – essential to the cultural heritage of the area – is an important inspirational source for this work. Drop of Water is situated next to the municipality hall by the Iijoki river.