Jacek Zachodny (POL): The Drought

The Earth’s existence proceeds in cycles, ruled by change. Waves of destruction are followed by nature’s flourishment. The ecosystem in Finland, rich in waters and forests, is based on a thin layer of acidic soil. Despite giving the impression of longevity, it is fragile and vulnerable to natural disasters such as drought or soil sterilization. The Drought creates a desert garden, a space constituted by gathering familiar natural objects from the surroundings, like drift wood, tree trunks, stones, gravel, bones of small animals found on the roadsides – a space  intended for presence and meditation. Once created, the garden will undergo changes resulting from intermittent weather conditions and the accidental migration of plants.

Jacek Zachodny is a graduate at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He creates paintings, videos, texts, installations and performances, addressing issues of remembrance, evanescence and intercultural communication. Holder of several grants, his works are featured in public collections, i.a. at the MoCAK Museum in Kraków. He is also a co-creator of Art Brut Gallery in Wrocław. He works with intellectually challenged artists, and his works have been presented at the Media Art Biennale WRO and within exhibitions at the WRO Art Center.