Joar Nango

Pitch black

Joar Nango’s piece represents a different approach to the framework of an environmental-art biennale as it is process based and investigates the tradition of burning tar. At the biennale, traces and documentation of the process, conducted during the preparative workshop in June, can be seen.
Joar Nango: Pitch black. 2016. Photo: Antti J.Leinonen.

This work researches how a familiar material—birch—changes and is transformed in the Arctic landscape. The traditional Sámi way of doing tar is to make it from birch bark. Tar burning has a long tradition in the Ii and Oulu area. Nango is interested in creative simplicity and sustainable knowledge. By experimenting with and learning the process of making tar, he reconnected with old knowledge and transformed it into a conceptual work.

Nango (b. 1979) is a Sámi-Norwegian artist and architect. He graduated from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2007. Nango’s work inhabits the frontier of architecture, design and art, exploring issues of native identity through the contradictions in contemporary architecture and the built environment. He is especially interested in the concept of nomadism and in the creative simplicity and sustainable knowledge that exist within the informal building environments of the north. In 2010, he co-founded the architectural collective FFB, specialising in nomadic structures and subversive interventions in urban contexts. FFB was nominated by Norsk Form for the Young Architects of the Year award in 2012.


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