Juho Rahikka (FIN)

How Red Were the Roses

Video. Old Hamina art barns 16th June to 2nd July.
Juho Rahikka (photo Jaani Föhr)

How Red Were the Roses is a video filmed during the 2021 heatwave. The images are accompanied with music and sound art. The video shows the inside of an apartment on a hot summer evening through a stationary camera – the play of light rippling through the canopy of trees with the sounds of the surrounding city coming in from the open windows. An ambient guitar melody plays at the center of the soundscape.

The video shown at Art Ii Biennial is part of a larger multidisciplinary work on the impact of the climate crisis.

Juho Rahikka is a Finnish multidisciplinary visual artist working with music/sound, video, film and photography.

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