Laurel Jay Carpenter (GBR) & Terese Longva (NOR): Thirst

Thirst is a durational performance, inspired and made by water, drawing from sources both ancient and modern. By recalling the myth of the Danaides, art collective Longva+Carpenter ask questions particular to women’s history and personal narrative: how are we forced to make unfulfilling choices, and why are we still penalized for breaching expected roles? Thirst also investigates the current global water crisis. Given the growing scarcity of potable water and the increasing levels of groundwater pollution, are our personal and political actions enough? Thirst addresses enduring effort, and the public is invited to come and go—experiencing just a moment or an extended period of the work—witnessing the shifts, in the performers, on the land, all made by water.

Founded in 2010, Longva+Carpenter is an art collective between the Norwegian multi-media artist Terese Longva and US/UK visual art performer Laurel Jay Carpenter. As interdisciplinary artists, Longva+Carpenter share interests in the site, duration and accumulation of both material and gesture. After meeting in New York, the pair has been collaborating to present new works that manipulate the body and time in their investigation of personal longings, feminist ideologies and political urgencies.

Longva+Carpenter’s Needs Trilogy, consisting of the durational performance/installations Hunger, Thirst and Shelter has been presented at Festspillene i Bergen in Norway; and several galleries in New York, USA. Additional projects have been performed at NOoSPHERE Arts also in New York City; the Between Sky & Sea Festival on Herdla Island, the Performance Festival of Hedmark Kunstbanken in Hamar, both in Norway; the Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokolowsko, Poland and Kunsthaus Essen in Germany.