Meri Nikula (FIN) & Ignacio Pérez Pérez (VEN) & Kate Gane (AUS): Bottled Water Exports

Meri Nikula, Ignacio Pérez Pérez & Kate Gane: Bottled Water Exports. 2018. Photo: Jaani Föhr.

Meri Nikula is an experimental vocalist, performance artist and transformational healer from Finland. The core elements of her work are her own voice and body, as well as healing effects of artistic creation and the limitless possibilities of the human voice.

Australian artist Kate Gane unites performance, film, textiles, music, sound, installation and public art in her interdisciplinary practice. Gane’s work is deeply engaged in communion with place, and explores embodied mystical experiences, phenomenology and transcendence. She is interested in paradigm-shift that fosters healing and awareness through building new relationships and connections.

Ignacio Pérez Pérez is a visual nomad from Venezuela, who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. He explores phenomenal reality as a long journey to arrive at where we are now. He creates experiences of ritualistic playfulness and worldly contemplation to observe and encounter the otherness and its permanent state of transformation in the realm of everyday life. His practice crosses diverse fields, such as performance art, walking, street photography and networking.

Bottled Water Exports is a series of participatory artistic events developed by Kate Gane and Meri Nikula, and performed by Meri Nikula and Ignacio Pérez Pérez. In their creative experiments the artists raised questions and examined the global issues surrounding water through the ecological consequences of the bottled water trade, the looming shortage of pure drinking water, as well as the healing qualities of water and methods of manipulating its molecular structure. Adopting a playful attitude, Nikula and Pérez Pérez worked together with the audience to examine serious questions in creative ways and to inspire conversations and open-mindedness.

Bottled Water Exports became a journey through the healing potential of water, water-based rituals and questions of global economy. The work addressed ecological and environmental issues by interacting with the audience to create collaborative and participatory art.