Paula Suominen (FIN)

Visual artists Paula Suominen lives and works at Posio. In addition to traditional visual art she works with ceramics and murals. Her public art works can be found from example from the library of Posio and the Lapland Central Hospital. Suominen on has exhibited her work actively in Finland and abroad since 1997. Her main techniques are charcoal, oil paint, and trendcadis-mosaic and in murals water-soluble colours. In her work Suominen examines the age-old relations between humans and nature. Her works discuss the themes of fading of life and revival. Nature, natural light, observations, lines and colours are at the centre of her work.

Peculiar Flowers by Paula Suominen is a three-piece mosaic sculpture, which expresses the vitality of plants, survival and adaptation. The artist has utilized in the three sculptures ‘’Kaihonkukka’’ (Omphalodes), ‘’Kuukunen’’ (Calvatia) and ‘’Kultatyrakki’’ (Euphorbia epithymoides) recycled mosaics collected from locals of Ii in 2018, as well as mosaic droplets produced in art workshops of the local work rehabilitation centre in 2018.

The artwork is a renaissance of the rough ground. The pieces are born from the land of past and future. Plants are in control of the land and share the right to share the values of nature. The vital conditions are re-shared on the planet. All species and creatures have equal responsibilities and rights to the land, water and air. No one can own them. The plants control and nurture the land and the planet. Humans now have a window of opportunity to find a more equal dialog with the nature. Altruistic empathy towards plants, animals and nature releases energy and strength to humans themselves through art.

Peculiar Flowers at Art Ii Biennial 2020

Peculiar Flowers is the newest public artwork commissioned by the municipality of Ii, and it will find its home at the newly built Lähde! park in Ii. The artwork will be revealed at the opening of the Art Ii Biennial on 11 June 6PM at

Address: Suvantolantie 5, 91100 Ii.

  1. While in Ii, heading north on the E75/E8 road, take the first exit at the first roundabout right past a Shell gas station.
  2. Follow Asematie for 1,5km and turn left to the parking lot area of the local health centre.
  3. Walk around the building on either side to find the Lähde! park. Follow the signs to find the specific location of the artwork within the park.

Unveiling of the art work at the opening of Art Ii Biennial 2020

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