Pawel Janicki (POL): The Flux

Pawel Janicki: The Flux. 2018. Photo: Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka.

Pawel Janicki is an independent artist and producer working with microsound and algorithmic composition, who lives and works in Wrocław, Poland. He creates audiovisual interactive systems, installations and performances, continuously developing new software tools and interfaces. His work combines improvised sound, live programming, communication protocols and hacking.

Flux is a site-specific interactive installation situated in a toilet. When entering the space, the visitors encountered their own reflection in the mirror above the bathroom sink. As soon as the tap was opened and water started flowing, the image in the mirror gradually changed into a constantly evolving audiovisual composition mixed with the viewer’s reflection and footage partially recorded in Ii.

By using such an unusual location for the presentation of art the work addressed the issue of natural resource depletion and highlighted the fact that the process of washing one’s hands is both practical and symbolic. Flux combined the issues of layered reality and symbolism. It merged daily rituals and consumption actions into a self-image that makes the viewers look critically at their way of life. The installation was developed specially for the Art Ii Biennial 2018.