Pawel Kleszczewski & Kasia Zimnoch (POL): In The Beginning Was Water – Bradán Feasa

In The Beginning Was Water – Bradán Feasa refers to legends and myths, especially to Slavic and Celtic folklore and Siberian Shamanic culture. The artwork is the beginnning of an animation film, which presents a fragment of an Irish legend about Knowledge (irl: Bradán Feasa). According to the Irish myth, Salmon of Knowledge lived at the source of Shannon River. The banks of the source were surrounded by divine hazelnut trees. The nuts from the trees fell into the water, and when the salmon ate them, they gained all of the world’s knowledge. The work especially refers in the aesthetics of this video to the landscape of West Cavan, the region where the legendary source of Shannon River (Shannon Pot) is situated.

Paweł Kleszczewski and Kasia Zimnoch work together as an artist duo. They established the animation production studio Konik.

They are both Polish filmmakers and visual artists living in Ireland. Both received their MA at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. Kleszczewski creates animations based on mythology, folklore and legends. His recent animation Broken Tale was created in Ireland, Poland and Sweden. The film won the Best International Animation Award on XXIXth Fano Film Festival in Italy, and has been presented at numerous international festivals.