Raquel Sakristan (ESP): Floating Structure

Floating Structure is a participatory collaborative art project, that has been developed with Startti- residential home inhabitans and continues with the residents of the rehabilitation center Myötätuuli. It gives special relevance to the sharing and exhibition of the participants’ creative skills and concerns. The project  waters dormant seeds of creativity, as it creates conditions that stimulate the residents to express and visualize aspects of their inner world. Floating structure created for AIB, will reveal and shape the results of these processes. The piece sailing over the river will be a metaphor of this artistic enterprise, serving as a base from which to embark upon a personal inner journey that allows the participants to explore their talents. The project is carried out within the societal art residency programme in Kulttuurikauppila.

Raquel Sakristan is a multidisciplinary artist, whose projects erase limits between aesthetic codes, techniques and artistic languages. After finishing a Masters Degree in Visual Arts (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain), she began to research collective creative processes. In New York she worked in public spaces, exploring the possibilities of Art to connect radically different social contexts and realities. Subsequently she developed projects with adolescents in Ghana and Beijing, and worked with elderly populations in rural areas. Recently  she has collaborated with people with intellectual diversity and psychiatric problems to share ideas and knowledge through their artistic expression.

Raquel Sakristan participates the Art Ii Biennial as a social art residency artist of the Lähde! Empowering daily life with art project, that aims to bring art to the health and social services.  The Lähde! project is a collaboration between the Oulunkaari joint authority and the Art centre KulttuuriKauppila and it is funded by the European social fund.