Simo Alitalo & Tuike Alitalo (FIN)


Guided sound walks in Ii 16th to 19th June in the KulttuuriKauppila and Old Hamina areas.
Tuike & Simo Alitalo (photo Jaani Föhr)

The Ecouterias -sound walks invited people to listen to their environment and to concentrate in the world of sounds surrounding us.

Simo Alitalo and Tuike Alitalo are sound and community artists. They explore and try to understand our listening environment, what do we experience by hearing and listening, and what do we know by hearing. Their interest is in our acoustic environment and listening. In their work, they use field recordings, time series, or sound installations as well a socially engaged methods to observe hearing.

Ecouterias are places marked with ceramic tiles in the terrain, each offering something interesting to hear.  Find them – they will be a permanent element in the Environmental Art Park and Ruustinnan reitti.

Simo Alitalo has been making full-time sound art and sound and radio productions since the 1980s. Tuike Alitalo has produced sound works and exhibitions, as well as community-based audio events, which she now works full-time.

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