WROcenter Group (POL): Wodospad (Cascade)

Wodospad (Cascade), is an interactive audiovisual installation which depicts a monumental  waterfall falling down the rocks in the form of an interactive projection. This art work is an inquiry  into the notion of artificial nature and new ecology consisting of real and technological  constituents. Video footage of the famous waterfalls of the Karkonosze Mountains  (Giant Mountains, in the region of Wrocław) – Kamieńczyk, Wilczki and Podgórna –  is enhanced with algorithmic protocols. The three waterfalls merged into one artificial super-waterfall can be manipulated by the audience with their own smartphones or other mobile devices. They can play with the cascade: turn its axes, change the texture and the surface of the falling water, lift and move the rocks. Unlike in the real nature no responsibility is connected with these actions.


WROcenter Group founded by Piotr Krajewski in 2012 has no fixed membership. It variantologically relies on forgotten cultural motifs and issues abandoned by art in recent times. Its installations, actions and objects synthesise modernisation, anthropological and cybernetic visions that inform modern societies.