Art Ii Biennial 2008

The theme for the first Art Ii Biennial, held in Ii in 2008, was Northern environmental art – structures and impact. The artists represented very different forms of northern environmental art, and during the ten-day workshop, they and their assistants produced pieces that were eventually placed in famous cultural heritage sites in the town of Ii: the old harbor and trading place Wanha Hamina and the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre. The participation of Sir Alfio Bonanno, a legendary figure in land art and nature installations, made this Art Ii Biennal an exhibition with international significance.


Curatorial team

The Nordic artists of the biennial were chosen in cooperation with the respective national artists’ associations. The final decision was vested on a jury that consisted of Timo Jokela, an environmental artist and professor at the University of Lapland;

Jyrki Poussu, an environmental artist and the chairman of the Union of Finnish Art Associations; Janne Kauppinen, a researcher at the Oulu Museum of Art; and Helena Kaikkonen, an artist and the chairperson of the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre.


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