The concept of the Art Ii Biennial 2020 is built around earth.

The Knowledge of the Earth - Maan tieto 

The Finnish word maa means earth, but also country, dirt, ground, land soil, and terrain. The word also refers to the world. The concept of the Art Ii Biennial 2020 encompasses all these aspects of the earth and specifically the knowledge they possess.  

The sustainability of the earth is afflicted by the actions of humans. The so-called Anthropocene – the geologic time we are living – is the period during which human activity has had a dominant influence on climate and the environment.   


With the theme and title The Knowledge of the Earth we want to focus on the tacit knowledge and hidden know-how which can be discovered when humans turn their attention towards the land and the earth.   

We invite to discover growth, decay, stones, clay, matter, and the circular processes in nature. What can we learn from the earth? How can we establish a new relationship between nature and people, one that is not based on exploitation but rather on communication and dialogue?