In the Air

Air sustains life on Earth. It is the medium through which sound, light, heat and scent are conducted. It contains the gases necessary for organisms to breathe and thrive, and the pollutants that one particular organism has released that endanger life itself.

Air, then, is not simply what we breathe. While it is often transparent, we can’t see everything it contains. There are invisible elements: the scientific, the environmental, the political. There is power in the air, and the relationship between that power and the sustainability of life is critical. Everything is connected.

How can art approach the issue of air? How can its’ interconnected immateriality be communicated using the methods of art. How can we ‘look’ at air, and what will we see when we turn our attention to it.

The eighth Art Ii Biennial will focus on imagining and sensing air and all its associated elements. The multi-faceted event will present works that explore these issues, offering new thoughts, expressions, and perceptions, and finding ways to give sensory presence to the invisible.