Fire Unbound

“Fire Unbound”, the 9th edition of the Art II Biennial, invites visitors to explore the entangled history of fire and consider its contemporary implications through a broader lens.

At its core, the exhibition embarks on a journey through the alchemy of fire – an exploration of its duality as both creator and destroyer, a catalyst for metamorphosis and renewal. The exhibition serves as a reflective space that crosses landscapes of resilience, resistance, healing, and hope in an interplay between earthly survival and interconnected ecosystems.

From the dawn of the discovery of the control of fire, signifying sapient power and progress, to its exploitation in a destructive pursuit of advancement, the exhibition unveils histories woven with industrialization, resource exploitation, and the relentless acceleration — a story overshadowed by profound ecological consequences.

Through fictional narratives and contemporary storytelling, “Fire Unbound” calls for an understanding beyond anthropocentrism and a recalibration of our relationship with fire. Fire, as the last of the elements, completes the series of the four elements of the four biennials. By encouraging us to reimagine our place in a more-than-human world, we find the drive to rewrite the narrative and set a course for a future grounded in regeneration, resilience, and interconnectedness. Finally, as part of its dualistic nature, fire reminds us of its condition of rebirth and hope.