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Alan Bulfin & Piia Anttila: Fidelity of Home

Fidelity of Home is a utility cupboard installation made completely by using natural recipes that you can harvest or grow and make at home. It is an attempt to create different recipes on how to care for the environment and share our community knowledge. The utility cupboard was free to be explored as communal material to try different ecological recipes that are in conversation with the situation we have in our home, using products where we have no awareness of what they are doing to our home, the environment and our health. Fidelity of Home has its roots in reinventing a heart for the home that extends beyond our houses and family. It is of the earth and it consumes us as we consume it. Sustenance is a binding force that is sought through the senses; this is nothing less than sentience. Through our senses of sustenance, together we will form fidelity as warm and caring as a home can be. By using this concept of senses of sustenance, we can use forms of sustenance as cleaning products, clothing and food. Sustenance becomes both material and food for thought.

Alan Bulfin & Piia Anttila

Alan Bulfin is a process-based artist who works in the public sphere. He uses everyday domestic life and care as testing grounds to actively test what has the widest ecological care and impact. Through his work, he makes these practices available to a wider community through learning and recipe-sharing events with a show and tell format.

Pii Anttila is an artist, producer and art educator whose study interests are art as research, art as a pedagogical event, solidarity economy and society’s power structures. She makes and works towards art that is in the form of an event in public space.