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Pia Hentunen: Invisible Insects

There are approximately one million known species of insects in the world. There is much that we do not know. The more we know about the basic ecology of different species, the more we understand about our environment and ecosystems. Many insects have a major role in the world’s health.

The insects for the artwork were picked based on their occurrence in Northern areas. The species may not necessarily be critically endangered or extinct in the wild, but they indicate the health of the biodiversity in Northern Ostrobothnia. These remarkable insects are often very conventional and non-sparkly, and through the artwork they become visible. The insects sculpted from Woodcast and spare bits of wood have found their home in the trees of Ii.

Pathway of Lähde! park: Peilitylppö, Hypocaccus rugiceps, NT.  //  Ruskosepikkä, Rhacopus sahlbergi, NT.  // Jannensirkeinen, Atheta janssoni, EN. //  Koivukauniainen, Dicerca furcata, VU. // Maitiaiskehrääjä, Lemonia dumi, VU. // Komeanaamiokärpänen, Physocephala nigra, CR. // Palolatikka, Aradus angularis, VU.

Behind KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre: Pohjansirvikäs, Arctopsyche ladogensis, LC. // Meriuposkuoriainen, Macroplea pubipennis, NT. // Virtalude, Aphelocheirus aestivalis, NT.

Thank you, Professor Jyrki Muona and Senior Curator Marko Mutanen.

Pia Hentunen

Visual artist Pia Hentunen has held exhibitions since 1996 and taken part in several regional, national and international group exhibitions. Hentunen works with a variety of media such as agricultural art, environmental art, painting, sculpture and street art. Her works can be found, for example, in the Finnish State Art and Oulu Art Museum collections. Hentunen has a background as an animal ecology researcher, which also inspired the work seen at the Art Ii Biennial.