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Tiina Vehkaperä: Mass Storage

Mass Storage is an environmental artwork dug into the ground. The piece is interactive and open for anyone to lie down and recharge, download or empty/refill their ‘mass storage’. One can become invisible in the landscape and lose time in the embrace of Mother Earth, looking far away, seeing the sky. The artwork invites you to ponder the inevitability on death, our connection to the earth and our own separateness. The artwork was constructed in the Environmental art park of Ii where its longevity will be defined by the forces of nature.

Alone we arrive, and alone we will leave.

Tiina Vehkaperä

Artist Tiina Vehkaperä lives and works in Kello, Oulu. She is the chair of the Oulu Artists Association and a member of several artist groups and collectives in Finland. She works as a sculptor, broadening her field of work towards communal art and supervision. In recent years, Vehkaperä has also started working with light and performance art. She has combined 3D-printing, LED lights and coding with ancient rocks, antiques from the 1700s, and contemporary materials varying from rubber toys to garden discoveries. She brings materials together with the modern age and its concepts, and discusses re-occurring phenomena and elements that possibly play a part in keeping us alive. Vehkaperä’s art strives towards the understanding of being, the dynamics of communication and the exploration of humanity.