Art Ii Biennial 2022 presents: Oulu2026 In the Air

In co-operation with the Oulu2026 –organisation the Art Ii Biennial will present an afternoon of art and art/science discussions in Ii, Thursday 16th June. The event will highlight the art and science collaborations of the Biennial.

Hanna Husbergs and Agata Marzecovas project Towards Atmospheric Care provokes discussions over the quality of our collective atmosphere and explores air as a naturalcultural and technoecological phenomenon situated in the nexus of media, science and technological mediation.

Husbergs and Marzecovas performative lecture “A is for Aurora, C is for Care” opens the discussion on air and the sense of change ‘in the air’. Husbergs and Marzecovas claim is, that if we are to form meaningful engagements with air, we need to radically and collectively experiment with thought and practice that position the planetary atmosphere as a shared and indisciplinary concern.

The lecture is followed by a panel discussion with international artists and curators of the Biennial reflecting on air in a way that transcends the isolating effects of data. In the panel we will discuss air as our common human, animal and plant lifesource, which must be accorded a global significance. Art and science collaborations play some part in putting collective responsibility in the air—a crucial goal for the 2020s and beyond.

The panelists: Hanna Husberg, Gabi Schaffner, Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts. Moderator: Jetta Huttunen.

During the event the visitors have a chance to see all the Biennial works situated in Ii.


We offer a free bus connection from Oulu to Ii and back.

Timetable / Thursday 16th June 2-8 pm:

2 pm: Starting from Oulu to KulttuuriKauppila

3 pm: Arriving at KulttuuriKauppila: Gallery exhibition in KulttuuriKauppila (Kauppilantie 15)

4 pm: Gallery exhibitions in Old Hamina (Haminantie 17)

4.30 pm: Ecouteriat: Acoustic walk exercise OR Visit to the Environmental Art Park

5 pm Nättepori: coffee break and snacks (Puistotie 1)

5.15 pm: Performative lecture at Nättepori auditorium: A is Aurora C is for Care/Towards Atmospheric Care (Husberg & Marzecova) + Panel discussion: In the Air.  Context and Change in the nexus of Art, Science and the environment.

6.30 pm Discussion and drinks.

7 pm Leaving from Ii – back to Oulu est 8 pm


Sign up for the free bus ride (Oulu-Ii-Oulu) by 15th June: