Curators AIB2022

The artists of Art Ii Biennial are selected through open call and invitations from the curatorial team. The 2022 Biennial is co-curated by Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts and Jetta Huttunen.

Rainio, Roberts and Huttunen have earlier co-worked as curators and organizers of media art events in the Arctic region.

“There is excitement in the air. As curators we asked ourselves how can art approach the issue of air. How can the interconnected immateriality of air be communicated using the methods of art. How can we ‘look’ at air, and what will we see when we turn our attention to it. These questions we will now leave to the artists to answer.” 

Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts are award-winning artists and filmmakers. They create moving image installations and short films that deal with topics such as migration and climate change through their impact on people’s individual experiences and histories. Most of their works use the form of documentary fiction to confront the audience and destabilize perceived boundaries and perceptions of time, space, and society. Their most recent short film “To Teach a Bird to Fly” (2020) looks at climate change and bird extinction and it won the Risto Jarva Award at Tampere Film Festival in 2020.

Rainio and Roberts’s works have been widely exhibited in Finland and around the world, and their short films have been shown in the official selections of numerous international film festivals. They both studied photography in the United Kingdom. Rainio works as an artist and researcher and she received her Doctorate in Arts in 2015. Roberts works as an artist and writer. They live and work in Helsinki, Finland.

Jetta Huttunen is a cultural producer and curator specialised in art event production and media art. Her focus is in participatory culture and wellbeing-through-art practises. Her interests and competences include resource-wise cultural production and climate conscious art production.

Huttunen completed her PhD in 2020 in which she studied participation within media culture. She is currently working as the Executive Manager of KulttuuriKauppila Art Center in Ii and lives in Oulu.