How can art approach the issue of air? 

The 8th Art Ii Biennial invited artists to explore how can the interconnected immateriality of air be communicated using the methods of art. How can we ‘look’ at air, and what will we see when we turn our attention to it? 

This year’s theme In the Air inspired artists worldwide, and over 150 applications from around the world were received through the open call. The artists of Art Ii Biennial are selected by curatorial team Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts and Jetta Huttunen.

‘’We were particularly interested in works and artists that combine art and science and consider sustainability in their practices. The number and quality of applications was a positive surprise to us. The selected artworks represent a variety of mediums and approaches, but all of them lure us into thinking about air and looking at the skies,’’ curator, Executive Producer Jetta Huttunen describes.

The multi-faceted event will present works that explore these issues, offering new thoughts, expressions, and perceptions, and finding ways to give sensory presence to the invisible.

The selection will be announced by the end of March. Final artworks will be seen in Ii 15th – 19th of June 2022.