Program Art Ii Biennial 10–14 June 2020

The full program of Art Ii Biennial 2020 has now been published!
Photo: Caption of the artwork Seusuo by Marja Haapakangas & Maria Laitila


The artworks of Art Ii Biennial 2020 represent media art, environmental art and installations offering a variety of interpretations of the theme Knowledge of the Earth.

Eight projects have been selected to Art Ii Biennial 2020 through the open call. Also the newest public art work commissioned by the municipality of Ii, the three-piece mosaic sculpture Peculiar Flowers by artist Paula Suominen and a communal project Earth Stories by the students of the local art school will be seen as part of the Biennial.

The artworks will spread around the public space of Ii, both inside and outside. All artworks will also be open to public after the biennial week and presentations of the works can be found online at!

Learn more about the program and schedule at or Facebook

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