Selected proposals | Art Ii Biennial 2020

Total of eight projects were selected to be part of the Art Ii Biennial 2020.

Art Ii Biennial received nearly 130 proposals from environmental artists, dancers, media artists, community artists and art-science collectives from all over the world. The selected projects encourage dialogue with nature and foster our connectedness with nature and empathy toward nature, soil and peat. The focus of the Art Ii Biennial 2020 will be on Finnish and local art productions.

Total of eight projects offering a variety of interpretations of the theme ‘’Knowledge of the Earth’’ were selected by the curators Maria Huhmarniemi and Ekaterina Sharova to be part of the Art Ii Biennial 2020.

The selected proposals are:

Alan Bulfin & Pii Anttila: Fidelity of Home

Anne Yoncha & workgroup (Daniel Townsend, Anne Tolvanen, Oili Tarvainen, Anna-Liisa Välimaa): Re:Peat III

Johanna Ruotsalainen & Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen: I Am a Living Being

Karoliina Niemelä & Pirjo Lempeä: The Beginning

Marja Haapakangas & Maria Laitila: Seusuo

Miia Kettunen: Landshapes (in collaboration with the students of Valtari school)

Pia Hentunen: Invisible insects

Tiina Vehkaperä: Mass Storage (working title)

The opening of the Biennial and the newly built Lähde! Park in Ii is celebrated on Thursday 11th of June online. Also the newest public art work commissioned by the municipality of Ii, the three-piece mosaic sculpture Peculiar Flowers by artist Paula Suominen will be revealed at the event!

Also a communal project Earth Stories by the students of the local art school will be seen in the Biennial. The final work, a video documenting local narratives around the theme of earth, will be presented to the public as part of the Biennial programme.

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