Selected proposals | Art Ii Biennial 2022

A total of thirteen projects were selected to be part of the Art Ii Biennial 2022 through the open call.  

Art Ii Biennial received over 150 proposals from artists of different fields from all around the world. The selected proposals offer a variety of interpretations of this year’s theme In the Air. In addition to the several artists and artist groups coming from Finland, artists from elsewhere in Europe, Asia and South America will be joining the Art Ii Biennial 2022 in June.

Total of thirteen projects were selected by the curators Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts and Jetta Huttunen to be part of the Art Ii Biennial 2022.


The selected proposals are:

Carina Ahlskog & Pernilla Eskilsson: Chapel of Breathing

Simo Alitalo & Tuike Alitalo: Ecouterias / Ekouteriat

Kotoaki Asano: Frame & Thread

Joana Cortes: Ferment: from the air around you (selection)

Olia Fedorova: Wind catching guide

FHHH (Emil Fihlman, Jari Haapala, Tapio Haapala, Mollu Heino): Drops of the Troposphere

Kilottaa (Elsa Häkkinen, Miia Mäkinen, Sannu Vaarala): Transcendent Messages

Juho Rahikka: How Red Were the Roses

Tina‐Marie Friedrich & Gabi Schaffner: Datscha Radio Ii: Air ‘on Air’

Filips Stanislavskis: Human-Cloud Project

Hanna Kaisa Vainio: Osprey / The fisher (working title)

Inari Virmakoski: Air Nets

Eeva-Maija Walin: The last 10000 km


In addition to the thirteen proposals selected through the open call, artists Hanna Husberg and Agata Marzecova will join the biennial as invited artists with their project Towards Atmospheric Care.