Miia Kettunen: Landshapes

Fri June 12

Landshapes will be built in Keskuspuisto (Central park) of Ii as part of Art Ii Biennial 2020.

Landshapes is an environmental art project created by artist Miia Kettunen. An overall visual angle of the project is to view the environment and earth from the aerial perspective to emphasize the fact that the local piece of land represents one part of the pristine ecosystem that spreads around the globe. Aerial earth study together with the study on how the land is experienced results in concrete land artwork which will take shape on the soil of Ii this summer. In the project Kettunen continues her passion to study the abstract imagery as a sign of an experience, now in the context of land art.

Kettunen will work on the project in collaboration with the students of the Valtari School as part of her KulttuuriKauppila Artist-in-Community residency period. The students will leave their mark on the final artwork through the visualizations based on their own relationship with the land and its shapes.

Miia Kettunen has versatile experience working with different projects and communities in the field of art as a costume designer and visual artist. Distinguishing feature of her way of working is the distinct and open-minded working plans, which engage different local operational environments and invite their communities to participate in artistic processes.The visual outcome of her work builds up often as a result of the interaction between people and different operators and with sensing the environment, spaces and different places.

The worksite is open to the public the entire biennial week 10 June – 14 June.  Artist Miia Kettunen present at the site on Wednesday 10 June 4-6PM and on Friday 12 June 2-4PM

Exact location of the work on the map