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Johanna Ruotsalainen & Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen: I Am a Living Being

I Am a Living Being is a video installation by artists Johanna Ruotsalainen and Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen. The artwork consists of animated human-like facial features illustrating the imagined portrait of ”the earth” projected on a bed of soil, gravel and dirt. The earth is talking about their rights and rights of other beings related to them. The speech is modified from the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth. By giving a human-like face to the Earth, the artists want to emphasise nature’s worth and demonstrate that the Earth has similar rights as humans and animals to exist and not to be exploited. Is it easier to accept these rights if they look like us and speak our language?

Johanna Ruotsalainen & Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen

Johanna Ruotsalainen is a composer, visual artist and senior lecturer in music at Oulu UAS. Ruotsalainen has participated in many internationally established festivals as an invited artist in recent years and has collaborated with some of the most acclaimed contemporary performers.

Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen is a media artist, independent film-maker and photographer from Rovaniemi, Finland. Their main medium is video art, especially combining photography with drawn animation. Ruotsalainen’s art is often related to Northern and Arctic areas, environmental issues and feminism.