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Paula Suominen: Peculiar Flowers

Peculiar Flowers is a three-piece mosaic sculpture which expresses the vitality of plants, survival and adaptation. The artist has utilised in the three sculptures, Kaihonkukka (Omphalodes), Kuukunen (Calvatia) and Kultatyräkki (Euphorbia epithymoides), recycled mosaics collected from Ii locals in 2018, as well as mosaic droplets produced in art workshops at the local work rehabilitation centre in 2018.

The art work is a renaissance of the rough ground. The pieces are born from the land of past and future. Plants are in control of the land and share the right to share the values of nature. The vital conditions are re-shared on the planet. All species and creatures have equal responsibilities and rights to the land, water and air. No one can own them. The plants control and nurture the land and the planet. Humans now have a window of opportunity to find a more equal dialogue with nature. Altruistic empathy towards plants, animals and nature releases energy and strength to humans themselves through art.

Kaihonkukka (Omphalodes) signifies the eternal cycle of water, as well as all organic matter. It is the symbol of the rebirth and unity of humans and nature, the reform and upkeep of age-old relationships. In addition, the droplet shape found around the Lähde! park is repeated in the piece.

Kuukunen (Calvatia) is a humorous mushroom of the earthy ground. The original form. Tireless carrier of spores. The organiser of the celebration of new life. The empathy of Mother Nature. The colours of nature are an endless source of wonder. The orange tones are accompanied in the piece by old plates of the local farmers’ society.

Kultatyräkki (Euphorbia epithymoides) is a long droplet inspired by tear drops. The piece collects the natural light of different seasons into a discussion with night and day. The interface of moon and tides. Outlines of shells and time. Nature and humans living in different times. Do we understand the time of earth, water and air?

Peculiar Flowers is the newest public art work commissioned by the municipality of Ii, and it has found its home in the newly built Lähde! park in Ii.

Paula Suominen

Paula Suominen is a Finnish artist living and working in Posio and Turku. She has been creating public artworks and taking part in exhibitions and events internationally and in Finland since 1997. Paula Suominen’s artworks can be found in the Aine Art Museum, Tornio and Pentic art collections, as well as in numerous private collections in Finland, Estonia and Spain. Suominen is interested in natural light and colours. Her art works are born from observations and strong momentary impressions of nature. Suominen’s paintings live in the cross-section of abstract and figurative painting. In her drawings, her lines seek a connection with organic nature. Femininity and the age-old connection to nature are recurrent themes in her artworks. Suominen primarily works with oil paints, charcoal and trencadis mosaics, as well as water-soluble colours, in her murals.