Eeva-Maija Walin (FIN)

The last 10000 km

Installation at KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre Gallery 15th June to 30th July.
Eeva-Maija Walin (kuva Jaani Föhr)

The Last 10,000 km is a tribute to the pioneer pilot Amelie Earhart, who disappeared in the Pacific Ocean in 1937. The main part of the whole artwork is a wave-like piece composed of more than two-hundred aquarelle paintings. The aquarelles were painted on light Japanese paper and hung on a rack, shaped like the wing of Lockheed 10E Electra, which was the last aircraft flown by Earhart.

The artwork also addresses memories and remembrance as well as disappearance and loss. What will we remember when the time comes for our disappearance and we become immaterial, finally fading into the air. What exists in the air, all the immaterial things that we can’t see.

Eeva-Maija Walin is a passionate visual arts student and an experienced natural scientist. By her own words, she is at the beginning of her artist journey. Her desire is to expand her worldview by trying to understand the world through both the intuition of making art and the rationality of science.

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