KILOTTAA artist collective (FIN)

Transcendent Messages

Participatory performance and an environmental installation. Nättepori area Sat 18th June 4pm and until 2nd July.
Elsa Häkkinen, Sannu Vaarala ja Miia Mäkinen.

Textile artwork created a translucent landscape by the river between the trees. A participatory performance for the whole family where floating soap bubbles became part of the artwork.

From the air we can depict the present and the past. Air is not a neutral element, it brings us memories. The scent of a winter day or the fragrance of a late summer evening carry meanings both individual and collective.

Transcendent Messages brings us aerial memories of the hopes, joys and homes we have. With soap bubbles, the artwork transforms joy from abstract to concrete to embrace and amaze communally.

KILOTTAA is a collective of three Rovaniemi based artists focusing on textile and environmental art. Members of the collective are Elsa Häkkinen, Miia Mäkinen and Sannu Vaarala. They share an interest in textile art, and they seek to bring traditional techniques into contemporary art. In their work, they deal with the relationship between the urban environment and the arctic nature. Social, cultural and ecological sustainability form the common basis of their work.

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