Maja Ingerslev (DEN): States of Winter

The exhibition States of Winter presents works from the artists’ project Whiteout developed at KulttuuriKauppila Artist in Residency program in Ii, Finland. States of Winter is an installation of papercuttings in space which have sprung from the dialog with winter in the surrounding Finnish landscape. The papercuttings envisage an imaginary state of water in its different frozen states. In Whiteout, white paper cuttings are staged, photographed and filmed in the white winter landscape in Norway, Iceland and Finland. Winter has its own value and distinctive relationship with the cultural life of Nordic countries, where cross-border weather changes are taking place.

Maja Ingerslev is a visual artist, based in Aarhus, Denmark. She was educated at The Jutland Academy of Art from 1997- 2002. She works with staged photography, video and papercut installations. Her work reflects on the themes of nature and culture, visibility and disappearance, imagination and reality, death and creation. The subtle works investigate our relationship with and perception of nature. The works focus on the poetic value of nature in a period of time in which we are witnessing shifts in nature as a result of changes  in climate.